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Caswell & Associates - Services

Income Tax Preparation & Planning

Since we are a "full service" accounting firm, we do more than just prepare your tax return. We work with you to find ways to legally reduce the tax you pay now & assist you in planning future tax saving strategies. "Tax planning" involves running various "scenarios" for the present and/or future years to determine when & how transactions should be structured for the best overall tax result and exploring various options available. It is very important that you seek tax advice before entering into any major transaction such as: the sale of real estate, the sale of business property, setting up a pension plan, etc. Anyone with a business, rental properties or any other significant investments should always do year-end tax planning because there are tax-saving strategies which can be employed & many tax pitfalls can be avoided with proper planning.

Audits, Back Taxes, Tax Liens & Tax Notices

If you are being audited, have un-filed tax returns or other tax problems, let us be your advocate in dealing with the IRS and/or CA Franchise Tax Board. We can negotiate with the tax authorities on your behalf & often reduce or even eliminate assessed penalties. We can also help to avoid levies on your bank account or other assets & set up a payment plan if necessary.

Tax Research & Consulting

We are specialists in answering difficult tax questions & advising clients on proper strategies to deal with complex tax situations.

Quickbooks Assistance

We can help set up your business on Quickbooks so that all tax reporting requirements (income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, etc.) can be fulfilled as efficiently as possible. We can also train your staff in proper accounting procedures when using Quickbooks. We can assess your particular situation & assist you in deciding which Quickbooks product suits your needs: Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Premier, Point of Sale, etc. If you are already using Quickbooks, we can show you how to use it more efficiently.

Payroll Tax Services

If you are a shareholder in a small corporation (C Corp or S Corp) it is important to have more than just a "payroll service". There are many tax planning strategies which involve the proper amount & timing of officer salaries, the proper withholding of payroll taxes, and calculating pension plan contributions which are linked to the amount of your salary. We don't just prepare your payroll tax forms, we integrate your payroll strategy with an overall tax planning strategy.